Which One Of These 2-Types Of Business Owners Are You?

Take a close look.

What do you see behind the pixels on this screen?

Yeah… It’s me. Curtis Penner.

I’m a flesh-and-blood person. A person who eats out at restaurants … hires a photographer for my wedding … pays a real estate agent good money to sell my home.

I’m a guy who gets massages to ease my stiff, inflexible, forty-something year old body … who gets his ducts cleaned, and would love to be a better golfer.

In other words…

If you own a service-based business, there’s a good chance that I’m your prospect.

And you want to know how I see your business?

To me, your business looks like a gold mine. Here’s why…

The Way I See It, You’re Sitting On A Goldmine

You’re sitting on a gold mine.

It’s rare to find service businesses owners who do a good job using 21st century online marketing techniques to serve me … the client.

Most businesses…

  • Make it hard for me to find them – even using Google search.
  • If I do find them, they make it difficult for me to find what I’m looking for on their website. It loads too slowly and it’s organized like my teenaged daughter’s bedroom.
  • They don’t give me reasons to trust them. After all, there are dozens of them in my city. Why should I choose them over any of the others?
  • And they don’t speak to me in terms of how they can help me. Instead they talk about why they think THEY ARE special,

Frankly, they f#@% it up a hundred ways to Wednesday.

Follow-The-Herd Fred just keeps stepping in sheep poop.

I call these types of business owners “Follow-The-Herd Fred”.

Are You A “Follow-The-Herd” Fred (or Francine)?

Fred follows the crowd. He looks at what other people are doing in his industry and simply does exactly the same thing.

  • He builds a website that looks like everyone else’s.
  • He uses the same language as everyone else.
  • He offers his services in the same way as everyone else in his industry.

And then he bitches when people compare him on price alone – not realizing that he’s given his prospects no other choice.

If everything else looks the same, what else do they have to compare?

My father was a colorful character. Always ready with a funny – if not crude – saying to make a point.

One of those sayings stuck with me…

“If you follow the herd, all you get is sheeps#!t on your shoes”
– Ken “Keep Your Shoes Clean” Penner

And that’s what happens when you do business as a “Follow-The-Herd Fred”.

Now, most “Freds” are good people. Smart people. People who care. JUST. LIKE. YOU!

Most of these businesses just don’t know what they don’t know. Or put another way…

They just don’t know any better.

But there’s another way to do business and do it in a way that makes people stand up and say, “Wow, that was awesome. I have to tell everyone I know.”

Or even better, do it in a way that makes them tell everyone they DON’T know by leaving a review of your business on Google, Yelp, Facebook, or all of the above.

If you spend some time reading through this site, you’ll see how it’s possible.

You’ll see just how you can harness the power of online marketing and become the lead sheep in your market…

In other words, how you can become“Larry The Lead Sheep”.

Meet Larry, the lead sheep

And when you’re done, the only question is how to put this knowledge to work in your business.

Do You Want To Be A “Lead-The-Herd Larry (or Laura)?

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