Who Am I And Why I Do What I Do

Does this sound familiar?

  • You love doing what you do.
  • You have a strong desire to be of service to others. So much so, it feels at times like you're going to burst at the seams.
  • You feel like you have so much to offer, BUT…
  • You struggle with how to market your business online to generate a steady stream of prospects and clients.

If so, then…

I think you're going to like what you find here.

This site is dedicated to helping you use all of the amazing tools and technology available today to help position yourself as THE expert in your industry and the best choice in your market.

Hi, I'm Curtis Penner...

Why am I so passionate about helping small business owners who, as Harry Beckwith calls it "sell the invisible"?

Well, it might help to know a little bit about me and how I came to be here today…


“If you follow the herd, you just get sheep$#!t on your shoes.”

My father, Ken Penner, was a colourful character, to be sure.

A rough and tumble ironworker, he was always ready to make his point with a funny phrase.

One thing he said stuck with me.

He said…

“Curtis, if you follow the herd, all you’ll get is sheep $#!t on your shoes.”

This was his way of encouraging me to be my own man, make my own path and not blindly follow others.

Was it because of my father’s sage wisdom that I’ve been driven to control my own destiny – to own my own business and to serve others since I was young?

He would have liked to think it was.


My Love of Service Business

My first service business – The Realty Info Line – served real estate agents in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

The first service of its kind in the area, home buyers could call a 1-800 number, punch in a unique code and listen to an audio description of a home for sale.

Then, in 1998, after losing 30-pounds, I became a certified fitness coach and started my next business – Progressive Fitness, an in-home personal training business that served business owners and executives.

My first website from 2003
The website for my personal fitness coaching business (circa 2005).

Like many small business owners, I struggled to keep a steady supply of clients coming in. I knew how to design a fitness and nutrition program that could help you look and feel ten years younger but I didn’t know how to sell myself or my services.

It was during this time that I discovered Dan Kennedy's program called Magnetic Marketing and my eyes were opened to the power and magic of direct response advertising.

Quite simply, I became obsessed.

I read everything related to direct response marketing, and copywriting that I could get my hands on.

What I learned transformed my training business.

Becoming The Expert

You see, no one in my industry was using this stuff.

If I followed the herd, I would have gotten a job at a gym … worked long enough to get some clients … and then left the gym, taking my clients with me.

But then what?

I’d still have no system in place for bringing in new prospects.


By following the wisdom of Kennedy, and other direct response marketing experts, I focused my efforts on four things:

1. First, I wrote my own book called Your Best Body – Guaranteed which gave me instant credibility when meeting with prospective clients.

2. Next, I gave talks to service organizations and local groups that resulted in thousands of dollars in new revenue for every 1-hour presentation I did. (Of course I brought copies of my book to sell too)

Most people would rather die than speak in front of an audience. But again, by not following the herd, I was able to position myself as the expert.

3. Instead of paying to run boring ads that looked like every other sheep’s ads, I created full-page advertorials.

Personal Training Advertorial
A full-page “advertorial” I created to promote my personal training business back in 2005.

Today they call it native advertising. Back then I called it pure gold because every time I put one out in the local newspaper, my phone rang and people gave me money.

4. Finally, I created exercise videos to add value to my clients programs and to drive traffic to my website.

This was before smart phones made their debut and YouTube was just gaining real traction.

Those videos are still up, by the way. One of them (see below) has even been watched more than 1 MILLION times!!!

The Plank

I then learned a hard lesson.

A Hard Lesson Learned

I soon got to the point where I needed to hire two trainers to help keep up with the new clients coming in. This was a touchy issue.

While my clients loved me and didn't want to see me go, most of them owned or ran businesses and understood the need to hire help.

But slowly, I made the transition. It was great. I no longer had to be up at 5am and be out until 10pm training clients.

With all this free time to think, I should have seen it coming…

Personal training, like all service businesses is built on relationships.

If you like your trainer, you’ll stay with the them. That’s how so many trainers managed to steal clients from gyms.

Now, I didn’t own a gym or train clients in my own facility.

My clients were busy executives and business owners who had families. So rather than make them come to me, I drove to them and trained them in their homes.

What I didn’t consider was how easy this would make it for trainers that worked for me to steal the new clients who hadn't trained with me or formed a relationship with me. They literally didn't even have to take the clients away!

All it took was for them to offer a lower rate than what I was charging and just like that I was out a client.

It was like a pail of cold water in the face when I realized that my entire business model made it impossible to grow my business.

So after ten years of hard work, I shut it down.

I licked my wounds for a while. Unsure of what to do next.

Then it hit me…

Everywhere I went, I met small business owners who rode the same rollercoaster I had ridden before discovering how to market myself as the leader in a market.

One month would be a feast of new business, and the next would be a famine.

Feast or famine. Up and down.

And my next path became clear.

I would become a personal trainer of sorts to local small businesses, showing them how get a steady stream of leads and new clients using proven online direct response marketing.

Why I Do What I Do

Here’s the bad news…

There’s a lot to learn when it comes to doing business in the 21st century:

  • Copywriting
  • Facebook ads
  • Landing page design
  • Web conversion
  • SEO
  • Google Ads
  • Video marketing
  • Email marketing

It can be overwhelming. Even for someone like me who lives and breathes this stuff, I find it challenging to keep up.

If you're like most small business owners I speak to, you either don't know what's possible and have no idea where to begin. OR…

You've glimpsed the possibilities but feel nauseous at the idea of trying to learn it all.

Either way, I want to help.

Just like getting in shape, you can learn how to use online marketing in your business on your own. There's loads of free information to be found.

But the reality is, you'll get from where you are to where you want to be faster with the help of a coach.

I’m on a mission to help you transform your business so you experience more freedom, enjoy higher revenues and have more fun in your business.


There's no shortage of free info available online – if you know what you're looking for.

Most online marketing experts take a shotgun approach when talking about online marketing.

They never know if they’re speaking to a high-tech startup, an online retailer, a life coach or a widget manufacturer.

So you’re left trying to take these high-level concepts and figure out how to apply them to your specific situation.

I take the concepts and apply them directly to the service industry, making it easy for you to see what’s possible and how it can apply to your situation.

So let me ask you…

Are you ready to stop following the herd and become the lead sheep in your market?

If so, clean the poop off your shoes and schedule your no-obligation, no-charge, no-sheep ca-ca strategy call with me.

During this 30-minute call, we'll take a look at your business and identify 3 things you can do right away to bring in more clients, earn more profits and even free up your time.

Sound good?

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Curtis has helped me tremendously over the years with online marketing ideas, especially when it comes to website design and website conversion.
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