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How To Create A Facebook Ad Campaign For Beginners [FREE Infographic]

how to use facebook ads for beginners
If you're new to Facebook ads, this framework will help you create more winning ads.

“At the end of the month we had spent $3,000 and had made $0 in return. That is what you call an epic fail.” — Adrian Tobey, CEO of Groundhogg

How To Use Facebook Ads For Beginners was inspired by a recent article I read, written by Adrian Tobey, CEO of Groundhogg – a maker of some awesome WordPress plugins.

In this article he touches on some of the reasons why so many beginners to Facebook ads fail.

In this video, I'm going to go over my 10-point framework for success so that you can create an effective ad campaign – regardless of your experience level.

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Download this free infographic

To help you keep this framework for creating Facebook ads close, I've created an infographic for you to download. Just click the image below (or to the right on your desktop) to open the image in a new tab. Then save it to your computer.

Facebook ads for beginners infographic

Click here to download the infographic.

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Curtis Penner

Curtis Penner

Curtis Penner is the man behind the sheep ... ahem ... well, he helps service-based businesses harness the power of online marketing to become the lead sheep in their markets. Cause if you follow the herd, all you get is sheep $#!t on your shoes.

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