Prospects bouncing off your
landing page without taking action?

Persuade more people to stick and convert with expertly written copy

No one buys if they bounce from your landing pages. Expert copywriting can make your customers stick and convert.

It’s easy, isn’t it?

To build landing pages that look good, I mean.

With funnel software and WordPress plugins, you can have a funnel landing page built in an hour or so.

The hard part, though…

Is getting those pretty pages to convert.

The truth is, words sell.

Everything else simply supports, and enhances your message.

If you your ideal visitor shows up, open to the possibility of taking action, and they bounce away like Tigger in the Hundred Acre Wood…

Your copy is to blame.

The quickest way to go from
bouncy to sticky

Let me ask you…

How long would it take for me to learn how to do what you do?

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say more than a week, right?

So why waste your time learning an entirely new skillset that took me the last 20 years to learn?

Why sit in front of your computer … staring at a blank screen as sweat drips from your armpits … trying to squeeze out something persuasive?

If you really want to have a high-converting landing page – sooner rather than waaaaay later – the logical choice is to hire a pro, isn’t it?

Speaking of pros…

Meet the copywriter

Hi, I’m Curtis Penner.

Since opening my personal fitness training business in 2001, I’ve been using direct response marketing, and copywriting to generate leads, and sales for me and my clients.

I’ve written landing pages for…

  • Lifestyle coaching
  • Fitness coaching
  • Dog trainers
  • Residential real estate
  • Dog groomers
  • Medical tourism
  • Truck driver training
  • Music teachers

You may think your business is unique – not like any of these.

To that I say this…

The one thing that all of these businesses have in common is they all sell to people.

So if you sell to people, I’m confident I can help you too.

How much does it cost?

The cost of getting a landing page written, or re-written by me depends on the type of landing page:

Long-form landing/sales page

This is perfect for selling your services – like the page you’re on right now. It’s also the right choice for pages selling a course (e.g.

Listen to Ken Kelly's experience working with Curtis

“Immediately, he started asking the right kinds of questions … some of the questions I hadn’t even considered before.”

Short-form landing page

This is the perfect option if you need a landing page for building your email list with a…

  • Downloadable PDF, ebook or whitepaper
  • Discount coupon
  • Free webinar

Landing page critique

This is perfect if you know something’s not quite right with your landing page, but can’t quite figure it out. Or if you have created your own landing page and just need a “fresh” set of eyes on the page to give you feedback.

My "no sheep-$#!%" guarantee"

If you’ve tried writing your own landing page copy, you may be so strung out by the experience that it seems like a freakin’ bargain.

On the other hand, if you’ve never hired a copywriter before, that may seem like a lot. If so, it’s because you’re not convinced that it will do what you hope it will do.

Consider this…

Let’s say the service you sell has a modest Lifetime Client Value (LCV) of $500.

If we take a landing page written by you, and one written by me, I’m confident that my page will get you at least 10 more clients than yours over the life of that landing page – justifying the $5000 price tag.

At the very least, you save yourself the stress and aggravation of having to write the copy yourself.

At best, my copy will more than pay for itself over time.

But if you’re still hesitating, let me try and put your mind at ease…

If you’re not 100% happy with the quality, or content of the landing page I write for you, let me know within 5-days of the delivery day – before your page goes live – and I’ll fix it for FREE.

If I still can’t make it right, then we’ll part company, and you don’t pay me the amount due on our contract.

Check out samples of my work