Promote an open house on Facebook

It's -30-degress outside. You really want to go knocking on doors? Here's how to promote an open house on Facebook instead.

If you woke up to this kind of weather, would you want to go door knocking? In this video, I'm going to show you a complete Facebook ad campaign to help you promote an open house on Facebook. No door knocking required. Stay tuned.


God, it's cold. I gotta get back inside. S#!T.

Promote An Open House On Facebook: The Campaign Objective

So here we are in my Facebook Ads Manager, and basically I've set up a campaign here, called "Open House Demo", and the idea is to get traffic off of the Facebook ad, or off of Facebook, to your website.

Campaign objective is to generate traffic to a landing page.

Who Is The Ideal Audience?

If we take a look at the audience, the Ad Set, you'll see here that my daily budget is set at five dollars, and in terms of an audience, what I would is, I would set it for whatever radius you want around the home's address. Whether it's five miles, 10 miles, it's up to you. Then, you set your age parameters. Who do you think is the ideal buyer for this home?

Use the targeting to select your ideal audience.

The key to a successful ad campaign is your ability to get in front of the right people.

This ad was set up for first time home buyers, so it'd be age 21 to 35, and I did a little bit of simple interest audience selection here. I selected people who might be interested in buying a house, who are interested in

  • "Coldwell Banker"
  • "First-Time Buyer"
  • "House Hunting"

And other real estate companies here in the area.

The reason I did this is, I figured if they have liked any pages, or if they've gone to any websites for local real estate companies, Facebook will know, and they will flag them as someone who has an interest in it.

Who Not To include Is Also Important

When you promote an open house on Facebook, you want to exclude anybody who looks like they might work in the real estate industry. So, real estate brokers, real estate agents. You just go through, and you try and find as many real estate related occupations or job titles as you can, and you exclude those.

Exclude your competition.

Sometimes, it's about who you DON'T include.

So, you're really not targeting any of your competitors. You don't need other real estate agents to this necessarily. You want just people who are most interested, who are the ideal audience for this particular home.

So what I'm left with here is in my target radius of 10 miles around this home. I have 7,300 people who I could easily market to. 7,300 people is a pretty good pool of people, especially if they're tightly targeted, and it's not going to cost me a fortune to reach those people over a week's time.

A small audience is ideal for a small budget.

A small audience makes it easy to reach all your prospects with a small budget.

Keep Placements Simple

Then in terms of placements, all I did was, I made it visible in the Facebook feed, on both mobile and desktop. Nothing else.

And that's it.

In terms of setup, it's very simple. Again, when you promote an open house on Facebook ffyou want to consider who your ideal audience is.

Facebook ad placements.

Keep your placements to the news feed on mobile and desktop devices.

If you've got maybe a luxury home, your age range is going to move. Obviously, you can target people by their job titles, so CEO, President, Vice President, and so on.

In the United States, you have targeting that's different than here in Canada. You can target by income range, which is unbelievable. It's a luxury we don't have in Canada.

So if you're in Canada, or a country that doesn't have the income targeting, then just target by their job titles, or company's that they work for.

If you know that there's a large professional business like, for instance, in the town I live in, we have a lot of insurance companies. A lot of big insurance companies make their head office here.

I can target people by their place of employment, because I know that they're going to be higher income individuals. If you live in the States, again, when you promote an open house on Facebook, by all means use the income targeting, to target people for luxury homes, and so on.

The Irresistible Ad To Promote An Open House On Facebook

So once we've done the audience selection, and our targeting, we move to the ad. Now, the ad is nothing special. All I've done here is used one simple image, and then the text is key, because it's going to really call out your audience.

The structure of your open house ad

The ad is just the beginning. It gets the click and starts the ball rolling.

So for example, if this home is my open house home, it's obviously a luxury, high end home. So the text I would use would read something like...

"If you're looking for a home to reflect the hard work, sacrifice, and success you've experienced, then consider 36 Oak Street. This grand executive home, in the most prestigious neighborhood in Waterloo, was finished to impress the most discerning of buyers."

And then, in Canada, we need to put who the real estate agent is, that's holding the open house, so that information goes down below. Then the rest of the ad, the display link is simply the website that I'm hosting this page on.

And up here is the page that I'm going to send them to. Now, this is where I think a lot of real estate agents go sideways with their advertising. The Facebook ad is really just the beginning.

All you're doing is, you're trying to capture the person's attention by using the right copy, the right text, in the ad. That's going to kind of single out your ideal audience.

Then you need to get them from the ad, to your landing page.

After The Click

The ad is really the first step to promote an open house on Facebook, and a lot of real estate agents think that, that is the be all, end all. Once they get the click, that's it.

I'll show you the landing page that I've set up.

If you plan on doing Facebook ads on a regular basis, you need to be able to quickly construct landing pages. If your website platform does not allow you to do this, then consider switching to one like LeadSites by Easy Agent Pro.

This is how I would do it. Again, if I were a real estate agent, I'd go the extra mile with the landing page, and this is how I would do it.

So from here, it would go to this page.

And you can see that it's trying to segment the person before they even get into seeing the description of the home. So, it says...

The landing page helps segment your visitors.

This landing page segments your visitors.

"Before you can see the open house details, can I ask a question? Which statement best describes you? I'm thinking of selling a home. I'm thinking of buying a home, or I'm just curious."

What this is doing is, they're going to pick one of the three, and I'll show you why I've set it up this way in just a moment. Let's take a look at the first page, "I'm thinking of selling my home."

Okay, so if somebody clicks on, "I'm selling a home," they're going to be brought to the open house feature page.

So, here we have the same image. Just a great big image of the home that we used in the ad. You want to have some congruency between the ad and the landing page, so that they know that they're in the right place.

Then here, it gives the details. "Open House," it gives the address. Brief description of the home, date and time, and a button to book a private showing if they want to. They might not want to even wait for the open house, if they like what they see. It gives them the opportunity to book a private showing.

Then, if you scroll down, there's an image gallery, showing images of the home. Each one would open up to a full size, high definition image.

And then we have the map down below, to show people exactly where the home in the city. And at the bottom is the agent information.

Now, you'll notice that the agent information doesn't come into play until at the very bottom of the page.

The purpose of a landing page like this, is to keep people ultra targeted, ultra focused I should say, on the information you want to present. So the real estate agent's information is secondary.

You're not selling you on this landing page. You're selling the open house, so don't take up precious space at the top of the page with all of your branding. It's unnecessary.

You might be asking yourself, "Why is this a seller's landing page, and how is it different from a buyer's landing page, or someone who's just curious?"

The difference comes in when somebody goes to leave.

When someone goes to leave, this pop-up appears, and it says...

"Wait! Before you go, fill out the form below and hit the big green button to get instant access to "Sell Your Home Fast and For More Money."
Lead magnet for sellers.

So what I've done here is, each page is going to have an opt-in that's specific to their intention. This page is for people who might want to sell their home. It's a free guide, a PDF download that they can get by simply entering their name and their email.

Now if we take a look at the buyer's page, so if somebody clicks on, "I'm interested in buying a home," you'll see, it's identical. It's the same page. There's no difference until they go to leave.

And when they do, they're given a buyer's specific opt-in. Now of course, this opt-in is for people who are interested in buying their first home. That's not appropriate for a home of this size. You would want to come up with something, a lead magnet of interest to people who are looking at high-worth homes.

And finally, if somebody clicks, "I'm just curious" they're going to see the same landing page. See, it's the same in every way, until again, they move to click the window shut, or click the tab shut. It'll say, "Before you go, would you like us to let you know when other open houses are scheduled in the area?"

Lead magnet for looky-loos

So, we know their curious. They're interested in looking at open houses. You never know when they might turn from curious into intentioned buyers or sellers, and so we want to get them on our email, and then over time, nurture a relationship so that they see us as the person to go to, when they need us.

So there you have it. A very simple campaign to promote an open house on Facebook that's designed to take your ideal audience from Facebook to your landing page, and then build an email list, and get more people to your open house. No door knocking required. 

So if you have any comments, questions, or constructive criticism, please leave them in the comment section down below.

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