Turn Your Website Into Your Best Salesperson

Use persuasive website copy to to convert more visitors into clients.

Using bad copy on a good looking website is like putting a tie on Home Simpson and expecting him to be a superstar salesman. He's still just Homer.

Imagine for a moment that you’ve decided that the best way to succeed in your chosen field is to hire a salesperson.

How would you do it?

  • Would you hire the first person to respond to your ad?
  • Would you hire someone with absolutely no sales experience and throw him out to sink or swim on his own?
  • Would you hire someone who dresses in loud obnoxious clothes, wears too much cologne or perfume and does nothing but talk loudly about themselves instead of focusing on what the client needs and helping that client solve their problem?

Of course you wouldn’t!

It’s ridiculous to even consider doing such a thing, isn’t it.

But here’s the thing…

This is what millions of small businesses do every single day.

Only the salesperson we’re talking about is their website.

Is this the type of first impression you want your website to make?

The Sole Purpose of Your Website...

Make no mistake.

Your website IS your salesperson. It’s sole purpose … it’s only reason for being is…

To sell people on you, your products or services.

It’s too easy

It’s too easy.

Building a website, I mean.

With platforms like WordPress, Wix and Weebly, you can have a professional website up in just a matter of weeks – maybe even days!

Not only is it quick, but you can do it for free if you’re willing to do the grunt work yourself.

And it’s not like you end up with a cheesy looking website. Most of these platforms allow you to implement the latest design trends.

Yes … they look great with their big hero sections.

Yes … they make it easy to create professional looking feature and benefit boxes.

Yes … they impress us with their static images, and twirling icons.

But there’s a BIG problem with modern website design.

“Now hang on a minute, Curtis. These website platforms hire professional designers to create their templates. They know what they’re doing.”

Well, yes you’re right. But consider this…

The Problem With Modern Website Design

A designer’s job is to design. To make things look pretty.

But modern website design doesn’t sell – words do.

Using bad copy on a website with great design is like putting Home Simpson in a $2000 suit and expecting him to be a great salesperson for you.

If you follow the herd...

My father was a colourful character. Always ready with a funny saying.

I remember him telling me once…

“If you follow the herd, all you get is sheep-shit on your shoes.”

So while WordPress, Wix, and Weebly have levelled the playing field for small business owners, the field has become littered with piles of crap.

Now, I don’t want you to think I’m blaming you or any other small business owner for doing what you’ve done. Far from it.

If I didn’t know what I know, I’d be doing the same thing.

But I do know what I know.

To me it just doesn’t make sense to send a bunch of prospective clients to a salesperson who is inexperienced, makes a poor impression and doesn’t know how to really sell your services.

So what’s the solution?

Before I get into that, let me introduce myself…

If you follow the herd, all you get is sheep-$#!t on your shoes

Meet the copywriter

Hi, I’m Curtis Penner.

My first introduction to websites and selling online was back in 2001 when I built a website for my personal training business – Progressive Fitness.

My first website, circa 2001

Man, that site was ugly by today’s standards. But it worked. Want to know why?

Because before building that site, I’d become a student of marketing – specifically copywriting (selling in print) and direct response advertising.

As years went on, while running my fitness business, I built websites for friends and family. Then I made a dramatic change.

I shut down my personal training business and focused only on marketing.

Now, with it being so easy to build websites, I don’t spend a lot of time actually building sites anymore.

Instead, I’ve focused my efforts on helping small businesses transform their websites into their ultimate salesperson – one that works tirelessly, 24-hours a day.

I’ve written copy for websites in many niches, including:

  • Lifestyle coaching
  • Fitness coaching
  • Dog trainers
  • Residential real estate
  • Dog groomers
  • Medical tourism
  • Truck driver training
  • Music teachers

You may think your business is unique – not like any of these.

To that I say this…

The one thing that all of these businesses have in common is they all sell to people.

So if you sell to people, I’m confident I can help you too.

How I Can Help...

Below, you’ll find three different options for website copywriting.

Service Page (Long)

This is right for you if you offer a high-ticket service (like this one) that requires an extensive sales message.

$ 0USD

Home Page Copywriting

Your home page must grab your visitor’s attention, and then help guide them to the information they need to take the next step in becoming a client.

$ 0USD

Service Page (Short)

This option is perfect for local service businesses, such as a dog groomer, chiropractor, massage therapist – businesses who offer services that are familiar to most people who search them out.

$ 0USD

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